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American Staffordshire Terrier & Puppy FAQS
  • Will an Amstaff be a good fit for me? Amstaffs are loyal, highly trainable dogs who define the term "velcro dog". If you don't like a dog who is your constant shadow, the Amstaff won't be a good fit for you. Energy levels vary from dog to dog, but they should be a dog who is happy to nap throughout the day but also get up and go on outdoor (or indoor) adventures with you. Routine, training and exercise are key with this breed as they are terriers and can be stubborn and tenacious, especially if they are bored. They are incredibly versatile and can ​excel in just about any dog sport, or be a great family companion. ​

  • Are Amstaffs good with other dogs or pets? Most Amstaffs are happy to live alongside properly matched housemates, however some may prefer to be the only dog or pet in the household. Amstaffs can have varying levels of dog selectiveness or aggression, which can show up as the dog matures. If you are 100% against any type of dog aggression, selectivity or prey drive, the Amstaff is not for you. I do not recommend dog parks or doggy day care for Amstaffs for multiple reasons. Smaller play groups with familiar dogs, group obedience classes, controlled walks/hikes with other dogs, or similar are much preferable. Most Amstaffs will have some form of prey drive. Households with small animals, cats, etc. are wise to implement strict supervision or separation depending on their dogs tolerance.

  • Will you place a dog as a SD (Service Dog) or ESA (Emotional Support Dog)? No puppy or adult will be placed as such. This is a hot button issue for some, but one I will not budge on. While Amstaffs make wonderful, intuitive companions, I do not feel they are suited for service work. Accessibility issues due to BSL as well as the likelihood of some type of dog selectiveness or animal aggression/prey drive upon maturity are the two main concerns. Washout rates are high even with dogs specifically bred for SD work, and it's not something I feel comfortable risking. The same rules apply for ESA's. Sadly, many use this label to try to get past housing/BSL issues and it never ends well for the dog. If you are looking for a service dog, please look into the "Fab 4"breeds: Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Rough Collies & Poodles.

  • When can I pick my puppy? Picks will be made no earlier than 8wks. of age. This is when we evaluate puppies and decide which puppies will go on to be show/breeding prospects, and which will be placed as pets. We will assist in finding the puppy that best suits your needs and lifestyle. While everyone has color/marking preferences, our goal is to match the right puppy to the right family based on temperament first and foremost.

  • Can I meet your dogs and/or visit the puppies? We are happy to meet with families to see our adult dogs either at our home, or at an outside event. We go to AKC shows along the east coast throughout the year so often meet interested parties there. Shows are a great way to learn about the world of purebred dogs! For the safety of our puppies, we generally do not allow outside visitors (other than close friends & family for socialization) until puppies are ready to go home and have had their first set of vaccines. We provide tons of pictures and video updates, almost daily on Facebook, and create a Google Drive file for those that may not be on social media.

  • What is AKC Limited Registration? This means that the dog is registered with AKC, however no litters from the dog are eligible for registration, nor can the dog show in conformation events. All of our pet puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration which means they can compete in any sport offered by AKC, just not conformation. Read more here.

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