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Ear Cropping and Aftercare

Amstaffs can be cropped or left with natural ears depending on their owners personal preference. If an ear crop is desired, that will be performed by a licensed veterinarian prior to your puppy going home, unless you have found an experienced crop vet that has been approved by me. Sutures will need to be removed 7-10 days after surgery. Ears must be completely healed before starting the posting process.

I use the backer rod method when posting puppies. It is tried and true and relatively easy to do once you get the hang of it. You can view a video which goes over all of the necessary supplies as well as how to post using this method here. I am happy to help assist my puppy owners during posting as well.

I highly recommend that pet puppies ears be left natural unless you have experience in the past with posting ears. Some ears are easier than others but more often than not, posting is a 2-3 month long process that requires changing posts every 3-4 days during that period (more often if posts get dirty, wet, etc.). If you slack off during this time, you may be left with a puppy that has ears that lay flat on top of its head which can detract from the dogs overall appearance. Some find this to be a daunting task and if that's the case, there is no harm in leaving your puppies ears natural. The posting process is critical to ensure that the crop is successful.

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